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Amret launches mobile app at nation’s first tech expo

Apr 30, 2019

Amret announced the launch of its own mobile banking app at the Digital Cambodia 2019 technology expo on the weekend of March 15, 2019.
“Amret Microfinance Institution will launch its mobile banking app to help customers pay off loans, make money transfers, pay utility bills, top up phone credit and many other things. Customers can conduct transactions easily by downloading Amret’s mobile app,” the company’s official announcement read.

“With the rapid growth of the technology industry, Amret also continues to develop itself day by day and collaborate with major technology companies and financial institutions such as Smart Vista, Wing Specialized Bank, Pipay, True Money, and others to provide customers with effective finance solutions,” the message said.

The expo was attended by experts in digital technology while both national and regional companies exhibited their products and services. Over 150 booths were on display and around 100 experts gave seminars at the event.

Amret received a license as a deposit-taking institution in January of 2009. After more than 27 years of providing financial services to rural Cambodians, Amret continues to serve its clients and provide tools to small- and medium-sized enterprises that fuel the growth of the nation. Amret works tirelessly with local and state leaders to develop partnerships in order to foster growth

Amret has grown in both scope and size over its history. It has gained trust from public and support from the Royal Government of Cambodia, local authorities and development partners.

For further information on Amret Microfinance Institution, please go to our website: www.amret.com.kh


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