Solidarity Loan

Solidarity Loan

Without collateral, get an Amret Solidarity Credit together with people your trust, in order to support your life, farm and business. Your Client Relationship Officer is here to serve you in your village, with 30 years’ experience in rural communities.

No Collateral Required
We accept group solidarity

Additional Loan Available
Apply for individual loan without paid-off

Convenient Repayment Method
Repay the loan in your village through Amret field staff

> Ballon or declining payment
> No collateral needed 
​​​​​​​> Loan repayment in the village through Amret’s field staff

> Possible to get individual loans in parallel
> Apply for individual loan without paid-off 
​​​​​​​> Access to financial literacy and agricultural training

> Official Identity Document: National ID Card, Passport, Driver's License, Civil Servant ID Card, Family Book (with photo) or Certified Letter issued by a local authority (commune/sangkat level)
​​​​​​​> Form a group of 2 to 6 members

More Details

Maximum Loan Amount Interest Rate Loan Term
KHR 6,000,000  1.5% 24 Months

*Amret reserves the right to modify pricing without prior notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay my loan repayment?

You can pay you loan via:     
TrueMoney Agent (Only some branches where allowed to pay)
 -Pay with
Amret's Staff who handled your loan.

How can I get a solidary loan from Amret?

You can get solidary loan from Amret with these condition as below:     
 -If you have 2 members, you can request in the maximum amount 3,000,000 Riels in each member.
 -If you have 3 up to 6 members, you can request a maximum of 6,000,000 Riels in each members.

If I’m living in Phnom Penh can I request a solidary Loan from Amret?

If you are living in Phnom Penh you can’t request this loan type. We only provide for customers who are living in provinces.

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