Flexi Term Deposit

Flexi Term Deposit

Invest any amount you have in Amret flexi term deposit, where you can be assured of safety and high interest rate of up to 5.40%. Enjoy a Flexibility of partial withdrawal without losing the interest rate of remaining amount.

High Interest Rate
Earn interest rate up to 5.40 p.a

Flexible Savings Plan
Start saving as low as 1,000 USD

Full Access to Your Money
Withdraw money anytime and still get some interest

> Starting amount as low as 1,000 USD
> Interest rate up to 5.40%
> The interest rate income will receive on maturity

​​​​​​​> You can always withdraw the money before term whenever you need it: you will still get some interest.

You need one of the following documents:
1. National ID card
2. Passport
3. Driver's license
4. Civil servant ID card
5. Family book (with photo)
6. Certified letter issued by local authority ​​​

Interest Rate

Term Minimum Deposit amount Annual interest rate
Withdraw at Maturity
12 Months 4,000,000         1,000 4.70% 5.00%
18 Months
24 Months 4.70% 5.00%
36 Months 5.10% 5.40%

*Amret reserves the right to modify pricing without prior notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

If my balance is less than USD1,000, Can I still open Flexi Term Deposit Account??

No, You can’t open Flexi Term Deposit Account. The minium opening balance for Flexi Term Deosit start from USD 1,000.

If you close Flexi Term Deposit Account before maturity date, How much interest rate will I get?

If you close Flexi Term Deposit Account before maturity you will receive only 0.5%.

Can I choose the condition only 6 months to deposit Flexi Term Deposit Account?

You can't deposit with condition 6 months because for Flexi Term Deposit is start with condition 12 months up.

A foreigner can open a goal account. The required documents include a passport and the certificate of residence or workplace (if any).

You can choose the option to enable money withdrawal by one person during the account opening.(You can choose the desirable withdrawal criteria upon opening the account)

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