2Protects5 is a special life insurance plan provided by AIA Life

​​​​​​​Insurance Cambodia  

exclusively for Amret's clients for 5 years family financial 

protection solution in the event of accident or non-accident

​​​​​​​with only 2 years premium payment term.

Features & Benefits


Financial Security for Your Family

In the unfortunate event resulting in disability or death, either due to illness or accident, AIA

provides compensation to help you or your family avoid financial crisis.


2 Years Premium for 5 Years Family Financial Protection

Convenient insurance plan with numerous benefits offering 5 years family financial protection for 2-year premium.


30% Discount on Premium
Get an exclusive 30% discount on your premium in the second year by paying the full premium

within the first year of your insurance tenure.


Convenient and Fast
>Visit AIA Life Planer at any Amret Branch
>Answer 3 health-related questions (health check is not required)
>Get insurance policy within 1 day of applying

More Details

Insurance Tenure Premium Payment Term Age Package  Benefits
Death or Disability*)
(Accidental Death or Disability**)
5 Years 2 Years 18-60

3,000 USD 6,000 USD 
5 Years 2 Years 18-60

5,000 USD  7,000 USD
5 Years 2 Years 18-60       7,000

10,000 USD  14,000 USD 

For more information and offers, contact the AIA Life Planer at your nearest Amret's branch or contact AIA's Customer Service​​​​​​​ via 086 999 242.

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