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Terms of Access to the Website

Once you access this website, you are governed by the Terms of Access to the Website of AMRET.

Copyright and Trademark

The copyright and all the contents in this website belong to AMRET unless it shows and/or states otherwise. No part or in the whole of this website may be altered, reproduced, adapted, copied, displayed, published, or distributed in any manner or form without prior consent in writing from AMRET.

All marks, logos, service marks, trademarks that belong to AMRET shall not be used, published, or communicated without prior consent in writing from AMRET.

Any conduct of the above acts without authorization from AMRET shall be subject to legal action.

Links in this Website

Websites of other companies or entities may appear on this AMRET’s website; however, AMRET would not be responsible for any contents in those websites, and all users are advised to check and verify those contents by themselves. Any usage of or access to those websites is to be in charge by users themselves.


All contents in this website of AMRET is just for information purpose only. Although AMRET always commits to provide accurate and last updated information, AMRET would not warrant that the website does not contain any error, un-accurate or not updated one.


AMRET would not bear any liability or responsibility for any information or content uploaded on this website nor any loss of any user or any party.