Social Performance Management

Amret's Social Performance

Amret always strives to make a positive contribution to the socio-economic development and environment of the country. Towards this end, Amret forms clear visions and mission strategies to fulfill the responsibility toward staff, clients, society, and the environment every year. The year 2020 is no exception, and Amret has achieved numerous commendable results from its endeavors.

Responsibility Toward Staff

Staff’s well-being and development are one of Amret’s top priorities. That’s why Amret constantly provides opportunities for growth, rewards, and assistances for deserving staff as follows:
>  2,053 employees or 45% of total staff joined the “staff capacity building” program
>  312 employees joined the “talent management” program
>  729 employees joined the soft skill development program
>  1,443 employees received health and accident insurance for themselves
>  938 employees received health and accident insurance for their family
>  180 female employees received 3-month maternity leave with full salary payment
>  878 employees got an internal promotion

Responsibility Toward Clients

Amret cares about the financial well-being of clients and always caters to their needs.

1. Vocational and financial education program

Many educational programs and trainings were provided to clients as follows:
>  112 trainees participated in the agricultural training
>  2,544 trainees participated in the financial training
>  245,811 clients/non-clients exposed to financial literacy via educational videos (classroom, offsite & digital media)

2. Client Protection

Amret is committed to fair consumer practice and protection. This effort leads Amret to obtain the re-certification of Client Protection Principles (CPP) by the Smart Campaign for the next four years (2020-2024).

The seven CPP guidelines meticulously observed by Amret include 1) Appropriate product design and delivery, 2) Prevention of over-indebtedness, 3) Transparency, 4) Responsible Pricing, 5) Fair and respected treatment of clients, 6) Confidentiality of clients’ data, and 7) Mechanisms for complaints resolution.

Protection Principles Amret has successfully finished its collaboration with M-CRIL and Smart Campaign, International Rating Agency to assess the pilot project of digital client protection principles.

Responsibility Towards the Society and Environment

Amret is fully aware of and lives up to its responsibility to bring about positive impacts on the society and environment.
1. Environment
Amret is attentive to the environmental footprints of its operations. Therefore, Amret implemented internal policies to be environmentally aware and minimize environmental risks.
12,826 loan requests, whose sizes were above $10,000, were screened for E&S risks. 
594 staff participated in E&S Footprint training.
Implemented Audit and Carbon Footprint Measurement at Amret's Head Office
Distributed 389 plastic waste bins and 35 educational posters to wet market nationwide to encourage proposed waste disposal and discourage the use of plastic

2. Society
As a socially responsible institution, Amret has made donations on multiple occasions for national emergencies and being responsive to clients’ needs in their difficult times.
> Amret built classrooms in a school in Chi Kraeng District, Siem Reap province
> Amret took part in the government-led initiative to procure Covid-19 vaccines by donating KHR 400 million
Responding to the flood disaster, Amret donated KHR 100 million to the government to help the flood victims
> Amret was responsive to the needs of its clients by offering a loan repayment grace period to 120,000 group loan clients, whose livelihoods affected by the pandemic.