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Amret’s Football Cup Leader+ season 6 is successfully completed

Dec 09, 2019


Phnom Penh – Amret’s Football Cup Leader+ season 6 came to a successful end on December 2nd 2019 and Convenience Account Team from the Internal Audit Department of Amret has been announced as the champion.

Season 6 of the Leader+ tournament hosted by Amret Microfinance Institution has been running since February 2019 and consisted of 6 teams participating for the match at Indira Devi High School football field. All the players are Amret’s staff working in head office.

The tournament lasted for 10 months with two matches a week – Monday afternoon and Saturday mornin

Mr. Dos Din, CEO of Amret Microfinance Institution, said that “This football programme is aimed at getting all staff to improve their friendships, be healthy, strengthen solidarity and continue their working effort for future prosperity.”

He added that Amret contributes to promoting sport in Cambodia under the slogan “Sports brings good health”.

A quick look back at the 5th season of Amret’s Football Cup, shows that winners GOLDIE team from the Internal Audit department have failed to keep up their momentum this year, handing the trophy over to Convenience Account Team of the same department.

About Amret

Amret is a microfinance institution with nearly 30 years of experience in providing financial services to low-income people and small and medium-sized enterprises throughout Cambodia, whether in urban or rural areas

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