Get Started With Us

Get Started With Us

Established in 1991, Amret is the leading microfinance institution in Cambodia. With locations in 25 different cities and provinces, Amret provides financial products and services to Cambodians. Amret offers several benefits to our staff, including competitive compensation, staff capacity building, and social protection, and we are always seeking qualified domestic and international candidates for a wide range of career opportunities. We strongly believe that working at Amret will help enhance your skills and competencies to allow you to succeed in your career.

Our Employee Value Propositions

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Help Drive Lasting Social Development

Your work improves the living standards of low-and-middle-income Cambodian families and helps them pursue their dreams.

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Love Your Jobs

Work in a friendly environment with supportive colleagues and management.

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Be Part of Our Success Story

Work with your colleagues toward a well-defined vision and strategy, contribute to the strong performance of one of Cambodia's top financial institutions, and lead Amret to a bright future ahead of the competition.

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Push Boundaries to Develop Yourself

Embrace opportunities to learn, grow, and experience more within Amret as well as across the Advans International Group.

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Get Values from What You Achieve

Your performance is rewarded through a competitive salary and incentives. You and your family benefit from attractive packages in terms of insurance and retirement plans.

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Create and Innovate

Work in a place where your ideas are valued and receive recognition when you overcome challenges. Evolve in an agile company that invests in the future.

What our people say

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Mss. Bopha
​​​​​​​Senior Financial Officer

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Mss. Srey Leak
​​​​​​​Senior HR Officer

What It Is Like Working at Amret

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Warm Working Environment

Amret is often described as a place with a warm working environment that embraces a family-like culture. ​​​​​We provide a flexible and friendly atmosphere that enables our people to easily communicate with the management team and get access to whatever they need.

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Development Culture

A development culture is widely implemented within Amret. We use various types of development methodologies and approaches to ensure our people's growth and the company's sustainability.

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Learning and Coaching Environment

We equip our people with a variety of skills and knowledge through several initiatives: Our internal and external training curriculum to strengthen their necessary hard skills and soft skills to perform their respective jobs; a digital learning platform (E-Learning) which consists of many courses; and coaching and mentoring from our experienced management team and business partners.

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Big Room for Career Exploration

Providing opportunities to our people for their career growth and advancement is important for us. At Amret, we encourage and give the utmost priority to our employees to explore their aspired career and expose themselves to new experiences through internal opportunities such as internal recruitment, transfers, job rotations, job attachments, and internal promotions.

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International Career Experience

As a part of the Advans International Group, our people have the opportunity to explore their careers, both within Amret and other affiliated companies in 8 countries abroad, either on a full-time basis or contractual assignment.

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Group Company

Amret is a part of the Advans International Group that currently serves clients in 9 countries includes Cambodia, Cameroon, Ghana, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cote d'Ivoire, Pakistan, Nigeria, Tunisia, and Myanmar.

Fresh & Undergraduate Program

Through its Internship Program, Amret microfinance institution creates opportunities for Cambodian undergraduates and recent graduates to gain professional work experience and acquire practical skills in a field related to their studies. Volunteer and Internship are an excellent way for you to begin developing some professional employability skills, expand your contact list and gain a competitive edge in the job market.

Benefits at Amret

We offer various forms of compensation which are competitive and respond to our people’s needs. 

Variable Compensation 

We offer compensation quarterly, biannually, and annually to motivate and reward our employees for their performance and contribution to the company's success.

Festival Bonus

On the occasion of Cambodia's two biggest traditional festivals, Khmer New Year and Pchum Ben, we provide bonuses to our employees so that they can enjoy their celebrations with their families.

Staff Loan and Motor Loan

We provide different types of loans with special rates to support their basic and other financial needs.


We provide our employees different types of insurance - including not only for health care and accidents but also life insurance. The health and accident packages are also extended to their spouse and children.

Monthly Allowances

In addition to their monthly fixed salary, commercial and some specific staff also receive various monthly allowances such as motor vehicle allowances, accommodation, and hardship allowances to better motivate and support them in their daily work.

Social Welfare Fund

We set up a special fund for employees who are in need of emergency financial support. This fund serves as a contribution from Amret to the unfortunate loss of an employee or their direct family member.

Different Types of Leave

In addition to annual leave, we provide other types of leave including maternity, sick, special, and compensatory leaves.

Other Benefits

Aside from the fixed and variable benefits, our employees also receive more benefits to facilitate a good working experience.