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Supervisor, Procurement

1 Position
Department: Administration Affairs
Application Deadline: 2022-05-27

  • Handle all processes regarding Procurement contract management, from the creation through to the execution by the chosen party, and to the eventual termination of the contract;
  • Participate in negotiation of contract terms, monitor the performance, and conduct the analysis against the contract terms in particular for major purchases to maximize operational and financial performance and protect Amret from fraudulent and corrupt practices;
  • Carry out effective contract tracking and document keeping;
  • Handle project bidding (including office equipment, IT equipment, car rental, security guard & cleaning service and other projects). Ensure all bidding processes are transparent and comply with procurement policy, and make sure all goods procured are delivered to requesters as per service level agreement;
  • Handle Procurement daily tasks by using the ERP system to create digital Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order, Agreement, and Receipt;
  • Check, arrange and submit invoices & reference documents to Finance Department in order to make accurate and on-time payments;
  • Identify potential and visit existing suppliers to build and maintain good relationships and negotiate with them to achieve competitive cost advantages for Amret;
  • Support to improve and enhance some shortcomings in the current ERP system to ease pain-points, effectively administer, and make the best use of the system;
  • Fix incidents in the ERP system which caused the different to the previous configuration including the missing of PR, the un-routed category, the unnecessary step, etc. To have it ready before July 2022;
  • Update necessary information in the system including;

- Blanket purchase agreement (catalog),

- Hierarchy,

- User creation.

  • Support ERP users;

- Solve any problem occurs.

- Assist any related matters.

  • Execute and control Procurement budgets to ensure the effective cost control within budgets;
  • Cooperate with related departments and branches to execute Procurement plans;
  • Prepare and provide the monthly purchase expenses to related units or branches in order to manage the cash flow and track the expense;
  • Collect feedback, survey and report on quality of goods and services in order to ensure the quality of performance, the reliability, and ethics of suppliers;
  • Manage, filling, and keep the procurement document (such as Purchase requisition, Supplier selection, Periodic quotation, Purchase order, Invoice & Contract) in a safe and accessable place;
  • Ensure all the procurement documents are easy-tof-find and readily retrievable for internal control and internal/external audit.

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