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Supervisor, HR Compliance and Services

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Department: Human Resources
Application Deadline: 2022-08-21

Introduction: To manage and improve HRIS and EPM in order to ensure the effectiveness of workflow in the system as well as ensuring the accuracy of employee data, compensation and benefits computation and payment, and efficiency of personnel budget management.
To ensure and responsible for the support and maintenance of a company's HR systems and EPM. He is in charge with processing employee data, generating HR-related reports, managing system upgrades and administrator of HRIS and contact point on EPM.


  • Work as system administrator and champion through creating user accounts and access rights and conducting system monitoring and provide monthly report of users follow audit;
  • Work with vendor to ensure the system is run smoothly and all calculation is accurate and the contact point in the EPM;
  • Ensure all budget are updated in the EPM both original, revise and projection and as the contact point on EPM;
  • Develop personnel budget tools and prepare budget projection for midterm and annual budget;
  • Coordinate with HR unit managers to complete and consolidate the HR departmental budget as midterm and annual;
  • Provide data analysist such as budget comparison, cost break down, PR, incentive, etc.;
  • Conceptualizes and designs multi-system reports; 
  • Support on policy development in conducting research about HR reward system/practices and trend to keep updating and simplifying existing reward procedures and/or guidelines;
  • Provide training on compensation and benefits policies to all relevant staff for their understanding and effective implementation.


  • Bachelor degree in HR or Business Administration or related field; 
  • At least 2 year experiences in HRIS management; 
  • At least 2 year experiences in Human Resources/Administration; 
  • At least 2 year experiences in Cost analysis or data management; 
  • Good knowledge of Computer (Microsoft Office).             

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