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Supervisor, Credit Methodology and Social Environment

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Department: Credit Risk
Application Deadline: 2022-08-01

Job Summary 

Execute and follow up the implementation of Environmental and Social Performance fostering high commitment from all Amret staff to make sure all E&S activities are aligned with Amret’s vision and mission and respond to stakeholders. (board members, senior managers, donors, lenders, partners) concerns. Develop practical credit methodology as well as enhance existing ones aligning the current market environment to ensure risk mitigation adequate competitive advantages, customer and staff satisfaction.


Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and conduct E&S assessments and prepare E&S highlight reports for publication and dissemination.
  • Monitor E&S development and consult external actors to keep E&S indicators, policy and procedures updated.
  • Initiate Social Responsibility Program linkages with other actors and put forward proposals to E&S Committee and senior management for their consideration and selection.
  • Represent Amret as a member of the Social Performance Task Force to learn about the developments, the best practices, and update E&S Committee and senior management on must-do steps for being successful E&S.
  • Facilitate with lenders to ensure that Amret is well implementing Client Protection Principles (CPP) and Exclusion List.
  • Analyze and conduct market survey & intelligence to be aware gaps between existing methodology guide and implement with situation change.
  • Disseminate the Credit Risk Methodology to staff to ensure they understand the concepts and condition to implementers properly
  • Cooperate with related departments in identifying and developing systems and training methodology guide to ensure smooth and timely product launch activities with risk mitigation.
  • Follow up and support staff to ensure proper implementation of policies and application of methodology guidelines and collection of feedback for better to modification.
  • Conduct training or refreshment the Credit Methodology to ensure implementation is fully applying.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in management, environmental science, rural development/Business Administration in Banking and Finance or a related field
  • At least 2 years in project management
  • Banking product knowledge preferable
  • Strong in analytical skills
  • Self-motivation and team player
  • Good computer literacy
  • Good verbal and written communication in both Khmer and English.

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