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Senior Officer, Portfolio Analytics

1 Position
Department: Integrated Risk Oversight
Application Deadline: 2022-05-03

  • Job Responsibilities
  • Update new and enhance the existing tools to monitor and analysis the trend of loan and PAR portfolio growth, loan concentration, portfolio at risk (PAR) by main sectors, regions, products, branches as well as by sub sectors;
  • Update the existing tools for cross data analytics to make sure that all the risks of loan Monand PAR growth can be identified and managed properly;
  • Monitor the concentration limit of KRIs daily/ monthly and report to related parties in case of having breach the limit or watch level;
  • Monitor the limit concentration growth and estimate the time for reach the watch level of the fast grown KRIs;
  • Keep monitoring the trend of portfolio and PAR growth by regions, branches, products, main sectors and sub sectors;
  • Cross data analytics to find out the root cause of loan growth, PAR growth and recommend the actions to be taken;
  • Monitoring on the main sub sectors outlook and make proposal to limit or take action in case of the sub sector trend to be bad outlook in the future;
  • Collect the main commodity price from settled branches to monitor some main of the cash crops price;
  • Request the data from MEF, MAFF or MC... for commodity price, import and export trend in order to be a reference for sub sector outlook forecast;
  • Hunting the news both internal and external that are sensitive for loan and PAR growth impact
  • Work closely with IT team in case of having any doubtful of the accuracy of the data;
  • Request to add field in the cube or MIS report that is important to analyse the credit risk or the demand data from HCR, CRC;
  • Follow up the price, output for sub sectors by CRC to make sure that it compliance with Prakas;
  • Follow up the LO by banned purposed by CRC and provide the data to internall controller to pass to branch in order to correct;
  • Monthly report to CRC and stakeholders;
  • Follow up, support and reinforce all sector decision/recommendation by CRC to ensure that is fully implement.
  • Job Requirement
  • Bachelor’s in business administration, management, economics, accounting, banking and finance or related field;
  • Minimum 2 years’ experiences in data management and analysis in MFIs or Banks;
  • Experiences in data management and analysis is a plus;
  • Proficient in analytical skills;
  • Well in communication skills;
  • Self-motivation and team player.

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