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Senior Officer, Legal Affair

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Department: Legal
Application Deadline: 2022-09-07

  • Provide legal update and advice management accordingly to ensure
    Amret's corporate structures are legally compliant with laws and
  • Undertake handling of corporate licensing formalities, payment of annual
    license fee and submission of annual declaration and other notifications
    to various ministries and government departments as required to
    formalise and authenticate corporate structural changes;
  • Act as a key point of contact in liaising with the regulators, relevant local
    authorities (such as NBC and MOC, etc.) and internal relevant
    departments to ensure all company statutory records are timely and
    properly submitted;
  • Advice all departments on all contracts, lending transaction & loan
    documentations, contractual issues and its related regulations or legal
  • Participate in negotiating & preparing and review all required contracts or
    any other documentation where Amret has committed itself to assist and
    support various departments;
  • Assist Legal Manager in providing legal update and assess legal
    implications to ensure Amret's business activities are conducted in
    conformity with all applicable laws and regulations;
  • Provide commercial staff and relevant staff with training on legal and
    regulatory topics (Contract Law and Land Law) in order for them to keep
    abreast of regulatory issues and to enhance individual ownership of risk;
  • Undertake legal research on different information to make sure Amret is
    acting in accordance with all applicable laws; and Undertake other duties
    as may be required of you by Legal Manager from time to time.


Job Requirements


  • Bachelor Degree in Law, preferably with business law;
  • At least 2 years of legal consultancy experience, preferably in banks or MFIs or equivalent relevant legal experience;
  • Solid experience in business licensing, contract, land and civil Law.

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