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Senior Auditor, IT Audit

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Department: Head Office Audit
Application Deadline: 2022-08-21

Job Summary: 

Assess management information system (MIS) policies and procedures and IT applications to ensure that the integrated internal control framework is well designed, major risks from internal and external sources are detected and prevented, and application-produced reports are accurate. Participate in developing audit procedures, audit tools, and audit management systems to support IAD’s audit mission.


  • Conduct preliminary audit analyses of MIS by identifying the risks per macro process to make sure risks are taken into consideration and identified and audit activities meet the scope and objectives;
  • Execute the audit program for assigned MIS audit missions by selecting the right transactions and activities and other macro processes under support from the manager or supervisor to ensure the audit mission is cost-effective and the risks of internal control implementation and design are properly identified and confirmed;
  • Perform IT audit testing to evaluate the quality of internal control implementation and design by relevant departments;
  • Follow up, during the audit mission, previous audit recommendations to assess whether all recommendations have been actioned by the responsible auditees and to classify the status of each recommendation;
  • Review audit working paper and evidence for assigned IT audit missions to ensure the completeness of audit findings and identification of root causes, implications, and recommendations;
  • Collect relevant and sufficient audit evidence on a specific macro process under the supervision of the supervisor in order to rate the quality of internal control for that process;
  • Prepare draft audit reports on the assigned missions and participate in a presentation to heads of auditees in order to make sure they are well informed.


  • Bachelor of Computer Science;
  • At least 2 years in IT, Auditing or related field;
  • Software development, IT audit, operational risk management and compliance checking;
  • Good computer literacy;
  • Good verbal and written communication in both Khmer and English.

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