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Manager, Inventory

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Department: Finance
Application Deadline: 2022-02-18

Job Responsibilities:                                                                                                 

  • - Develop and review inventory policy, processes and procedures to ensure Amret asset is properly managed;
  • - Develop guidelines, procedure and tools to manage and keep up with the distribution of uniform and staff logistics tools;
  • - Respond to internal and external audit findings regarding fixed asset management processes and take corrective action;
  • - Responsible for ERP project management and implementation;
  • - ServiceNow IT asset real-time tracking module; System Administrator; being a system monitors system progress, provide solution to issues, and update asset information;
  • - Plan, forecast, prepare budget for staff logistics tools, delivery, photocopy machine repair & maintenance, and expenses for all branches and head office.
  • - Track monthly actual investments/reinvestments and expenses against budget and provide explanation for significant differences.
  • - Plan and lead inventory team to conduct physical/self (branch itself) count of inventory for all branches and head office in order to verify/reclassify assets as in place/still exist, transferred, user changed, loss, write-off/disposal required, then update the system following Amret policy and procedure.
  • - Enhance/improve Inventory unit process (PIP) to increase the efficiency of staff logistics allowance.
  • - Check stock of Inventory and Staff logistics to ensure it is consistent with stock control report and stored properly while waiting to be sent to branches and users.
  • - Monitor all Inventory unit activities including staff logistic tools, delivery, and photocopy machine repair & maintenance to ensure accuracy and satisfaction with services provided by conducting yearly survey to all related stakeholder; maintaining at least 85% positive rate.
  • - Manage the Inventory team by providing instruction, guidance, coaching and building individual competencies to nurture a high performance (quality of work and agreements) culture."



  • - Bachelor of Business Administration, Management or related field
  • - At least 3 years in cost accounting, stock management, admin, asset management or similar.
  • - Strong computer skills (MS Word, Excel, email and internet)
  • - Good verbal and written communication both Khmer and English

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