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Manager, Assets and Liabilities Management

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Department: Finance
Application Deadline: 2022-04-22

 ​​Job Responsibility:

  • Manages the maturity of Assets and Liabilities by ensuring the institution can meet all obligations in the next time frame and provides effective recommendations for critical decision making to the committee;
  • Analyzes Assets and Liabilities Management reports to ensure the company is not exposed to financial risk and provides recommendations to ALCO committee in maximizing profitability; 
  • Develops and revises Assets and Liabilities Management policies to maximize net interest income and minimize risks due to mismatch between assets and liabilities;
  • Analyzes funding and lending costs to provide recommendations for critical profit enhancing decisions by ALCO; 
  • Monitors and manages on all regulatory and internal ratios to ensure the institution is always in compliance and alerts Management shall there is any possibilities of the breach;
  • Monitors liquidity risk, market risk and counterparty risk to ensure the institution is operating profitable with lowest risk;
  • Develops and analyzes savings volatility by product types and currency to manage or forecast savings stability for the company;
  • Analyzes savings withdrawals before and on maturity by product types and currency to know the percentage of monthly withdrawals to ensure the company has enough liquidity to support normal requirements, plus a buffer to reduce the likelihood that liquidity falls below these;
  • Manages maturity of deposit and work closely with sale team to ensure the enough fund to support customers withdrawal needs;
  • Analyzes deposit by different category/segmentation in order to provide recommendation to management for their decision making;
  • Organizes monthly ALCO meetings to assess the company's balance sheet and take appropriate action;
  • Prepares PowerPoint presentations on Asset and Liability Management for ALCO meetings and provide recommendations to support the committee’s decision making;
  • Drafts ALCO meeting minutes for validation by the committee and circulate it to all relevant departments so they can take necessary action.

Job Requirement: 

  • Degree in Accounting and Finance or other related fields;
  • Minimum 3 years of relevant experiences in Assets and Liabilities Management;
  • Strong practical knowledge in financial reporting and analysis;
  • A positive approach to challenges, and possessing an advisory manner with excellent interpersonal and communication skills;
  • High commitment and able to work under pressure;
  • Excellent verbal and written communication both Khmer and English;

Good computer literacy and knowledge in Advanced Excel is a plus.

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