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Head, IT Audit

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Department: Head Office Audit
Application Deadline: 2022-01-01

Job Summary

Develop annual and quarterly IT audit plans, establish audit methodologies and monitor the implementation to ensure reliability, integrity and compliance with laws, regulations, internal policies, and procedures at the departmental level.

Develop audit procedures, audit tools, and audit applications in order to support the audit mission conducted by IA team and IT Audit team themselves. 


Job Responsibilities

  • Develops IA department's strategy to ensure that potential risks are properly defined and integrated into audit missions of IT;
  • Aligns the IT Audit department’s strategy with IA Division's strategy to shape functions and positions of audit effectively and appropriately;
  • Updates the internal audit methodologies such as IA Charter, IA Manual, Internal Audit Procedures and Internal Audit Programs, especially on Macro Processes related to IT Audit, to ensure that internal control systems are well designed and implemented efficiently and effectively;
  • Prepares annual and quarterly IT audit plan such as preliminary risk assessment (risk profile), activities, resources and time allocation, and budgeting in order to ensure proper, appropriate and risk-based plans are developed;
  • Oversees company’s significant inherent risks and risks on new changes continuously (particular scope) and integrate the concerned risks into audit missions in order to ensure that company’s risks are properly detected by auditors and recommend to management to prevent the concerning risks;
  • Establishes IT audit methodologies (audit processes and tools for audit missions) for auditors under supervision to ensure efficient and effective audit results;
  • Monitors and manages IT audit teams to conduct the IT mission to ensure that potential risks are identified and meet the objectives of audit missions and plans;
  • Controls and reviews the debriefing of audit results and internal audit report at departmental level (MIS areas) including an overall assessment of four-tier internal control ratings and recommendations to alert the head of auditee and senior management about significant risks;
  • Manages the quarterly follow-up with heads of auditee on audit recommendations to ensure proper and timely implementation;
  • Manages and encourages IT Audit Team under supervision to achieve consistently high performance and meet the Division's and IT Audit Department's objectives;
  • Assesses skills and capacity of IT Audit Team under supervision in order to provide training, coaching and refreshment on audit methodologies to improve them and achieve a good quality of audit results;
  • Monitors and reviews the Management Control reports which are done by IT unit manager to ensure that the Management Controls are regularly prepared effectively and efficiently in a timely manner.


Job Requirement

  • Degree in Computer Science or equivalent, and CISA is preferable;
  • Minimum 4 years of work experience in IT Audit or related field;
  • Knowledge in IT audit, risk management, compliance, IT security, network infrastructure, operating platforms, database, programming and audit software development.
  • Knowledge in project management, business performance analysis;
  • A positive approach to challenges, and possessing an advisory manner with excellent interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Excellent verbal and written communication in both Khmer and English.


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