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Senior Officer, Business Analytics

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Senior Officer, Business Analytics Position
Department: Business Operation
Application Deadline: 2021-08-16

Job Summary:

To assist in developing the standards, tools and methods, in predictive analytics and business intelligence, and conduct data crunching to answer business questions, analyze and predict client behaviors and patterns both for marketing and risk purposes.

Job Description:

  • Analyze trends and patterns in (complex) customer data sets using standard data analytics to recommend potential business use cases;
  • Contribute to design, develop, and deploy required analytical data queries in response to business user needs;
  • Design approaches and tools to monitor data quality;
  • Participate in models' deployment (training of users when needed), variable adjustments and monitoring (change control and testing processes for modifications to data models);
  • Work with application development team to coordinate the creation and management of data queries;
  • Develop routines for end users to facilitate best-practice using of data mining tools

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor degree in statistics, economics, analytics, and computer science preferred. Fluency in English language (written and verbal);
  • At least 1 year experience with data analysis, data visualization, and statistical reporting;
  • Strong commands in Excel, and SQL;
  • Strong familiarity with large data preparation, processing, classification, and forecasting;
  • Knowledge of data modeling tools and statistics as well as statistics software (R, Python etc.).
  • Self-starter and passionate to explore data, business concepts, and new innovation;
  • Basic products knowledge in MFI/Bank, and T24 system;
  • Data analytics professional certification.

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