Amret Microfinance Institution - Rating


Amret was rated by international rating agency MicroRate, based in Washington DC for 2014 and assigned an α- rating with a stable outlook, reflecting the fact that Amret has a good long term sustainability and good creditworthiness along with excellent governance and top management, good financial position, and remarkably solid organization and stable staff.

From 2011 to 2013, Amret was rated by Microfinanza and graded A- with a stable outlook, which means that Amret was deemed to have strong operations and performance and good strategic vision and planning. Risks are also well identified, monitored and managed with minimum exposure to short-term and foreseeable risks.

In 2010, Amret was rated by M-CRIL as α- with a positive outlook, which means that the company had a strong capacity to meet its financial obligations, very good operations, and was stable even if it could be affected by major internal or external events.

In conclusion, Amret’s credit and financial performance ratings have been kept at very good level during the past five years (2010-2014).

Rating Certificate