Amret Microfinance Institution - Glossary



AFD Agence Française de Dévelopement (French Development Agency)

Auditor, Operational Audit


Accountant, Provincial Office

BA Branch Accountant
BC Branch Cashier
BT Branch Teller
BM Branch Manager
BoD Board of Directors
CA Credit Agent
CD Certificate Deposit
CEO Chief Executive Officer
CPO Cashier, Provincial Office
Credit Committee Committee created at the village level, whose members consist of a chief, a sub chief and borrowers
CT Computer Technician
DBM Deputy Branch Manager
DCEO Deputy Chief Executive Officer
DHPO Deputy Head of Provincial Office
Doubtful loan Loan in arrears of at least 3 months
DP Data Processor
DRI Driver
EMT "Ennatien Moulethan Tchonnebat" in Khmer. In English, it means "Local Rural Credit"
Equity plus Quasi Equity Total Equity includes Subordinated Debt
Financial Self-Sufficiency Financial Income / (Financial Expense + Operational Expense + Loan Loss Provision+(Average Equity - Average Fixed Asset) * Inflation Rate)
GA Goal Account
GCO Generalized Credit Officer
Ghost Loan
Loan disbursed to a group that does not actually exist and which is fraudulently used by third person
GRET Groupe de Recherche et d'Echanges Technologique
(Research and Technological Exchanges Group)
Group loan product Loan distributed to a group of 3 to 6 people, whereby members of the group must guarantee each other
HA Happy Account
HPO Head of Provincial Office
IC Individual Credit
Impact study Study conducted to understand the effect of credit on the rural households
IMT Inter-Branch Money Transfer (Local Money Transfer)
KHR Khmer Riel (local currency in Cambodia)
Loan Portfolio Gross Loan Outstanding
Maestria /Compta 100 Accounting software used by Amret
MBWin Microbanker Windows Version
NBC's Prakas The promulgation of the National Bank of Cambodia
OBLR Officer, Bad Loan Recovery
OCS Officer, Customer Services
Operational Self-Sufficiency Financial Income / (Financial Expense + Operational Expense + Loan Loss Provision)
OPM Officer, Provincial Marketing
Portfolio-at-Risk > 30 Days (Portfolio at Risk >30 Days to 365 Days (of overdue principle) + Restructure Loan) / Gross Loan Portfolio
PROPARCO Société de Promotion et de Participation dans la Coopération Economique(Promotion and Participation in Economic
Co-operation Company)
RDB Rural Development Bank
Sage ACCPAC 5.2A Accounting software used by Amret
SC Solidarity Credit
SCO Specialized Credit Officer
SIDI Société d'Investissement et de Développement International
(International Investment and Development Company)
SO Saving Officer
SPOS Supervisor, POS
TCP Trainer, Credit Products
TRAO Trainer Officer
USD United State Dollar (International currency)
Village Association (VA) Association of borrowers in a village
WA Wealthy Account