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Supervisor, ATM & Card

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Department: Core Banking System and Applications Management
Application Deadline: 2022-08-19

  • Implement all ATM and Cards products/services projects and delivery the
    products/services as per defined timeline with an high quality;
  • Define the functional requirements of all ATM, CDM and Cards products/services
    with relevant implementation partners;
  • Work closely with vendors, IT team and other related parties regarding ATM and CDM
    placement, installation, and ATM and CDM house decoration;
  • Develop ATM, CDM and Card manual, procedures and guidelines such as cash
    loading, ATM reconciliation, cash monitoring, PIN and Card management, etc. to
    have proper processes and maintain high level of security;
  • Produce training materials and provide training to related staff on cash loading, ATM
    and CDM reconciliation, Card management, etc. to ensure they are all aware and
    able to perform following the guidelines;
  • Plan the testing, develop test scenarios and test cases for ATM and CDM applications,
    and perform the testing to make sure the system development is correctness
    following the requirements;
  • Monitor daily cash balance and ATM and CDM service quality to ensure there is
    enough cash for the transaction and on-going service providing to clients without
    any interruption;
  • Coordinate with vendor on ATM and CDM maintenance, Card embossing, and
    troubleshooting to ensure ATM and CDM machines are performing properly;
  • Analyze the ATM transaction performance and make recommendation;
  • Handle ATM and CDM related incidence and fraudulent issues to maintain both
    customers and company interest;
  • Ensure all ATM and CDM Cards are recognized with other banks or MFI POS machine
    and keep monitoring them to ensure they are working properly with issues
    addressing on time;
  • Handle ATM and CDM related disputes or fraudulent issues in accordance with
    company policies, country law and regulations;
  • Act as quality assurance over all projects's deliverables to ensure the completeness
    and readiness and follow project management procedure;
  • Responsible for maintaining all ATM and Card project documentations and properly
    classification and stored it in the repository;
  • Implement risk management and regularly control over the risks.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor degree in Computer science;
  • At least 2 years of experiences in electronic banking (especially working in Card production and ATM support);
  • Understanding of ATM/card infrastructure, policies and procedure establishment;
  • At least 1-2 years of team and project mana;
  • Good in English language (written & verbal).

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