Amret Microfinance Institution - Bhutan Biogas Project

Bhutan Biogas Project


Recently, Thursday morning, August 30, 2012, Amret received and welcomed teamwork of Bhutan who is studying on Biogas Project in Bhutan which is named Since Bhutan Biogas Project (BBP).


The purpose of the study on Biogas Project is to learn about:
bulletExperience of Microfinance “Amret” relevant to Biogas Project; especially, the factors that lead Microfinance
       “Amret” to the success in the project implementation.
bullet And bank system of Cambodia; especially, microfinance system of Cambodia.


Amret was very pleased with the presence of the teamwork of Bhutan and happy to share its long year experience in providing credit to people to build bio-digester of which Amret has cooperated with the owner of National Biogas Project, shortly called NBP, and warmly share more experiences in its financial management.